In the specific area of small and medium-sized enterprises, in particular in the manufacturing, plant engineering, furniture and clothing sectors, research assignments were carried out for first level managerial figures, in the position of General Manager, or second level as Function Directors.

In both cases the experience of Sintex consultants has been able to combine the technical and managerial need with the specific corporate culture present and generated by the entrepreneur of a small and medium-sized enterprise.

In some cases the projects were combined with buy-out and expansion capital operations carried out by Private Equity companies with which we have established a professional collaboration relationship.

The Sintex consultant, thanks to the in-depth and varied experience of which he is the bearer, is a trusted partner of the entrepreneur and can be in various contractual terms the pro tempore "personnel director" in SMEs that do not reach the dimensional thresholds to have a dedicated figure inside. Also for corporate restructuring or generational change projects.

A group of specialized consultants is dedicated to the needs of SMEs, the backbone of our industrial system, at 360 ° for all personnel, including trade union relations, contracts, temporary management.

In the field of small and medium-sized enterprises, in the mechanical and manufacturing, plant engineering, food and furniture sectors, both research positions of first level managerial figures, such as General Manager, and second level, have recently been completed, suitable for covering positions of Head of Function.

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