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In the widest range of services to companies and individuals, alongside Career Consultancy, the Consultancy on the Job Interview, expressly aimed at candidates on how to manage a personnel selection interview with a Company and / or with a Researcher, could not be missing.

Sintex, always open and sensitive to various issues in the H.R. has organized an ad-hoc service aimed at people who wish to place themselves in the labor market, whether it is a first job or a change at a managerial level.

Based on the needs expressed by the candidate within a first consultation meeting with our Coach, a path will be proposed and agreed to highlight some aspects to be improved in order to achieve the skills inherent in this delicate and important phase of knowledge.

Preparing for the selection interview is a commitment that requires a little time and patience, especially for those candidates who have done few in their career, think for example of a person who has remained in the same company for many years and who suddenly pushed by the need to change does not know how to do it.

There can be many positive and negative events that force candidates to put themselves on the market, but when this moment arrives, you need to be ready to do it better without being overwhelmed.

There is no absolutely successful interview, for everyone without distinction, there is the best interview for that candidate and we at Sintex aim for just that. Each candidate deserves their own attention and a personalized tailor-made path to quote A. Smith.

Candidates today are more insightful and no longer respond to pre-packaged solutions with enthusiasm but want to feel that their particular situaction is taken into account to receive responses suited to their needs.

"Those who have been in the company for many years are no longer up-to-date with respect to a curriculum, the job market, how to hold an interview, just as a young graduate who wishes to enter the world of work lacks that experience on how to do it, situations different with a single goal that simply need a different approach."





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