Career Consulting

Career Consulting

In addition to the Research and Selection services of human resources, expressly aimed at client companies, Sintex provides a specific type of career consultancy activity, directly to the person who needs to be guided to orient themselves in training or career paths or who feels the need to obtain support in making critical decisions on the occasion of professional choices.

Based on the characteristics and specific needs of the client, highlighted during the first qualification meeting with the Sintex consultant in charge, a path is proposed that may include all or some of the following activities:

  • analysis of needs, interests and skills
  • guide to the narration of one's educational and professional history
  • identification of strengths and weaknesses to face the change
  • definition of professional, concrete and coherent objectives
  • drafting of an activation plan with the strategies to achieve the goal
  • support in the optimal creation of your profile (CV and social networks)
  • guide to the active search for new career opportunities
  • follow-up accompanying subsequent.

The proposed plan will contain an estimate of the number of suggested meetings, is indicative and will not be binding for the Client who may in any case decide to interrupt the career consultancy service offered by Sintex Selezione at any time. The consultancy service is structured through a succession of 60-minute meetings, spaced at least one week apart.

The cost per meeting will be communicated during the preliminary telephone interview, offered free of charge.

The service will be performed by Dott. Riccardo Sacco who has specific training and expertise in Career Consulting.

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