Sintex selection process includes:

the evaluation with the management of the positioning and organization of the company, of the personnel policy, with particular attention to the recent past and to the medium-term development programs, the analysis at the company of the positions to be filled and of the environment in which people will be inserted, with the drafting of the job description of the position and its precise location in the organization chart
the analysis and description of the characteristics of the ideal candidate specifying age, school culture, professional experience, knowledge of languages, etc., also taking into account the company philosophy, the environment and the personality of the managers and collaborators who will come directly contact with the candidate
the drafting of the ad text and, after approval, its publication on the Job Boards
the analysis of the responses and the calling of candidates who, due to their cultural and professional background, are potentially suitable to fill the position sought
conducting selection interviews and the possible administration of psycho-diagnostic tools (tests) in order to deepen the evaluation of candidates
the drafting of a final report on the work performed and the drafting of the profiles of the individual candidates in which the most significant characteristics and data are summarized, including test results
the presentation to the company of a shortlist of finalist candidates with a detailed presentation of the different characteristics encountered the possible participation of Sintex recruiters in the company's interviews with the finalist candidates.
icona screening

Screening – Daily based Recruitment services

Sintex can provide support services for the selection carried out directly by the client company, evaluating the needs of the moment: such as the screening of the answers received or the availability of a Sintex recruiter on a daily basis at the client company.
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Group selection process

Sintex has the possibility to propose a group selection process in particular cases, in order to optimize search times. This means planning a series of meetings, for a maximum of 8/10 people, articulated on aptitude and professional tests, as well as group role plying and exercises.

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