Sintexecutive, human resources for advanced companies

The fundamental premise for the achievement of the development and success objectives of a company is the quality of Human Resources, which must be able to compete in an increasingly complex and innovative market.

A careful and qualified monitoring of the professional and character characteristics necessary to cover positions of responsibility has a significant strategic value in the company philosophy.

SINTEXECUTIVE helps companies to successfully face and solve this need.

Who is Sintexecutive

It is part of the Sintex Group, present in the search and selection of personnel for over 40 years and which counts among its clients prestigious names of national and multinational companies. He has the exclusive task of operating in the Executive Search business. It provides its clients with a team of professionals with proven experience and specific culture in the targeted search for Managers, Officers and Specialists, including pre and post selection activities.

Sintexecutive philosophy

  • Think big by selecting profit-oriented and innovative resources
  • Appreciate the team by obtaining results through teamwork
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Top secret

What does Sintexecutive offer

  • The methodology to which it pertains allows it to identify, through an analysis of the company and the context in which it operates, the characteristics and profile of the candidate for a specific managerial position.
  • Through direct research, the candidates deemed most suitable for the client's needs are selected

Sintexecutive's fees

They are commensurate with the research commitment and, in any case, the final fee is paid upon successful selection.

The direct research process

Direct research is carried out in full compliance with the principles of professional ethics with a relationship of trust type towards the client. All information is strictly confidential.

  1. Market and business monitoring.
  2. The evaluation with the management of the company positioning and organization, of the personnel policy, with particular attention to the recent past and to medium / long-term development programs
  3. The analysis at the company of the positions to be filled and the working environment in which the people will be inserted, with the drafting of the job description of the position and its precise location in the organization chart
  4. The analysis and description of the characteristics of the ideal candidate, specifying age, cultural level, knowledge of languages, etc. also taking into account the corporate philosophy, the environment and the personality of the Managers and Collaborators who will come into direct contact with the candidate
  5. The search and convocation of candidates who, due to cultural and professional backgrounds, are potentially suitable to fill the position
  6. The conduct of the selection interviews and the possible administration of psycho-diagnostic tools (tests) in order to deepen the evaluation of the candidates
  7. The drafting of a final report on the work carried out and profiles of the individual candidates, summarizing the characteristics and the most significant data, including test results
  8. The presentation to the company of a "shortlist" of finalist candidates with a detailed presentation of the different skills
  9. The possible participation of our consultants in the company interviews with the finalist candidates
  10. Assistance and collaboration with the client until the success of the operation.

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