Skills assessment

Assessment of Competences

Skills assessments measure specific skills and areas of knowledge to understand the strengths of individual candidates and evaluate their preparation.

Our company name identifies what has been and continues to be the main service (research and selection of personnel) that we offer to our customers and / or partners.

Thanks to the experience gained in over 40 years of activity, having met and professionally evaluated tens of thousands of applications, we have developed a


which, appropriately modulated and calibrated according to the needs, organizational characteristics and cultural environment of our partner for the occasion, finds ideal application in:

  • The evaluation of internal staff to identify early on who has the potential to reach management and / or executive positions
  • The mapping, in terms of adequacy and updating, of the skills present in a part or in an entire organization, in order to establish the appropriate decisions to be taken in situations of change management or organizational restructuring
  • Identify in the internal staff of an organization who has thegreatest predisposition and motivation to change jobs and / or innovation
In summary, by putting together a team of qualified assessors and each specialized in certain areas of expertise (for example, assessors who are experts in digital or organizational review), the assessment system measures:
  • The area of “knowledge / technical skills" that are distinctive of a role
  • The area of “attitudes and motivations" necessary to deal with changes and / or new professional roles
  • The area of personal skills and emotional attitudes, prerequisites for hypothesizing the possibility of evolving in the organization towards roles of managerial responsibility and / or directive
The assessment system is based on:
  • ad hoc "situational" tests (eg in basketball, role play, business game), which simulate possible critical situations within the workplace and in the organization
  • Focused interviews (aimed at highlighting specific aspects of competence and / or attitudes)
  • General personality questionnaires
  • Specific aptitude questionnaires(eg, leadership styles, logical reasoning, propensity for innovation, etc.)
The assessment systemcan be administered:
  • Individually (commitment for the examined person from half a day to a full day)
  • in small groups (6-8 people max); in relation to the purpose of applying the assessment, the commitment for those assessed can range from half a day to two full days

The service will be performed by Dott. Alessandro De Gradi or Dott.ssa Ines Cafiero who have specific training in the Skills Assessment.

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